Founded in 2006 in response to the growing demand for back-up power solutions in South Africa and Africa, Superwatt has become a leader in supplying turnkey applications with modular platforms, including step-up or step-down transformers which allow for the future expansion and reconfiguration of the back-up power systems, as well as the option of cogeneration.

Larger power generating sets are assembled using engines from global, leading manufacturers. These include Perkins (UK), Cummins (USA) and MTU (Germany). Alternators are provided by leading alternator manufacturers Stamford UK, Leroy Somer and other well-known brands.

Based in Cape Town, with national representation, the Superwatt head office includes a storage facility, which is a “Customs Approved Bonded Warehouse”. This makes it an ideal transit point, as well as being free of Southern African Customs Union (SACU) Duties and VAT for the export of installations outside of SACU countries.

All of Superwatt’s units carry a one year or 1,000 hours and meet BS4999, BS5000, BS5514, IEC34, VDE0530 and MG-1.22 standards.

Superwatts’ strength is its ability to design tailor made modular systems. Superwatt is involved from the concept and design stages, through to the installation and commissioning of products, followed by a maintenance contract if required.

Superwatt (Pty) Ltd is the African contingent of Superwatt Power International China, one of China’s largest generator manufacturers. Superwatt Power International is internationally recognized, and currently the number one electrical back-up power provider to the United Nations.

Directors: Patrick Gaertner, Louis Scholtz and Rory Klemp

Chief Engineer: Lourens “Loutjie” Badenhorst