One of the benefits of a containerized approach is that generators and support equipment can be arranged to suit site conditions. Our preference is to group two generator sets and its associated step-up transformer together, followed by a service opening (mobile crane access} before the next cluster of two generator sets. The increased spacing between the clustered pairs also mitigates the risk of fire spreading between the clusters. We are however open to any preferences/suggestions that the client might have.

Our proposals can include the supply of logistical infrastructure such as fuel/oil filter & coalescer units; bulk tank level transducers; pumps; bulk diesel, oil and oil recovery tanks; fuel/oil manifolds, etc.

Our modular design requires limited work on-site in terms of system set-up and commissioning. When synchronizing to mains is a requirement, we will recommend/implement the necessary changes to the client’s existing switchgear for remote operation with the necessary safety/protection interlocking; or else supply new, high endurance switchgear as an add-on to existing switchgear if so preferred. Either way, interruption of the clients’ power will be limited to time windows best suited to the client’s schedule. The ComAp control system is very flexible and can be programmed to take full advantage of the client’s requirements. Various operational scenarios are available for consideration. These will be investigated to arrive at the best technical solution for the client.