For installations where multiple gensets are deployed, we offer a site control room, generally referred to as the ‘control container’. The air conditioned control container houses the site’s control console which is the operator-interface for routine control/monitoring of the plant. The control console is home to the site's master controller, various protection relays, a graphics display unit for each generator, generator/plant status lights and user input buttons. The master controller takes care of system start/stop; control of plant feeding breaker; monitoring of installed site services including filter alarms, fluid levels in the various tanks; etc. The generator screens are identical to the screens inside the generator-units itself. It allows the operator to read/clear alarms, display engine/generator parameters, etc. without the need to walk from one generator to the next. All system parameters are available via Modbus TCP/IP for integration with a user SCADA system. Interconnection between the control room and the generators (and user substation if applicable) is by means of fiber optic communication, making the design insensitive to site lay-out and resilient in the presence of electromagnetic interference and/or severe lightning activity. If an internet connection is possible, we provide remote firmware maintenance/upgrades, as well as off-site troubleshooting.