Superwatt’s installations feature a modular design, allowing for rapid deployment of a new installation or the expansion of an existing generator installation. We do not make use of modified shipping containers, but house our diesel generators in high-cube containers designed by and manufactured for Superwatt. We have designs that cater for all climates; with proven solutions for continuous operation at ambient temperatures of up to 52°C (independent of wind speed/direction). Our solutions are tailored to our clients’ needs. Site services (optical fiber, auxiliary power, diesel, new oil, used oil, and compressed air) are installed in the form of extensible umbilical lines which can easily accommodate site expansion. The scope of available services is adjusted according to the site duty, ranging from basic (for an emergency standby power plant), through to comprehensive (for a primary power plant) in order to facilitate effective maintenance. This modular and container-based design can also be dismantled and removed leaving only the foundations behind. The equipment can be sold or re-deployed elsewhere.

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