Generator sites aimed at continuous duty operation (diesel the primary source of energy, or significant cogeneration) are equipped with centralized bulk oil tanks and oil distribution manifolds. We install active oil level management systems to gensets destined for sites with bulk oil supply tanks. Gensets equipped with this option can run from one routine service to the next without being stopped to check sump levels. Oil intake (during an oil replacement service) is also from the bulk oil supply system which reduces downtime needed for a routine service.

Oil is forced through the distribution manifold with high pressure positive displacement pumps. The pressurized oil from the pumps is passed through suitable high pressure filters (equipped with differential pressure sensors) before entering the distribution manifold. The aim of the filters is to absorb moisture and to remove any foreign particles that might have been introduced to the oil during delivery/offloading. Effectively a closed system virtually removing the risk of an oil spill and guaranteeing clean oil supply directly into the engine sumps.