Swakop Uranium – Husab Project
(World’s 2nd Largest Uranium Mine, Namibia)
Project Duration: October 2014 - June 2016
Key Points
Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning “Turnkey” project
Designed and specified for continuous duty operation
Medium Voltage feed into client’s 33kV consumer substation
Automatic control of relevant switchgear in consumer substation
Synchronization of the diesel power plant with the utility supply (MV switchgear)
Cogeneration with mains – full load exercise runs, load reduction on request, peak power demand mitigation
Protection includes cable and transformer differential protection; as well as NER-based grounding
IP55 alternators with LV/MV voltage step-up transformers
Containerized indoor switchgear and containerized plant control room
All site parameters available on Modbus TCP/IP
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AMC – North Africa
Ariab Mining Company
Project Duration: April 2014 - February 2016 (phase 1)
Value: ZAR 200 million / USD 14.3 million
Brief: Full Infrastructure / Continuous Power
Alternator : Site voltage 690V : 33kV
Engineering, procurement and construction of a power plant, complete with bulk diesel (1500kl) and oil (46kl) tanks, manifolds, filtration, and truck offloading bay. The plant is designed for 16 generators rated 1500kW/1875kVA continuous power each, feeding into 4 4MVA step-up transformers into the 33kV overhead bus through open air switchgear. Phase 1 (4 generators and infrastructure) is complete.
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Nampak Products Limited
(trading as DivFood)
Project Duration: May 2015 - March 2016
Value: ZAR 50 million / USD 3.6 million
Brief: Cogeneration /MV switchgear control/ Back Up Power
Alternator : Site voltage 400V : 11kV (400V direct in Paarl)
Providing modular backup power solutions to Nampak’s largest packaging production plants situated in Paarl, Western Cape (1MVA), Mobeni, Kwazulu Natal (4 MVA), and Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng (4MVA).
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Areva Resources & Uramin Namibia
Trekkopje Desalination Project
Project Duration: July 2009 - December 2009
Value: ZAR 21 million / USD 1.5 million
Brief: Cogeneration /Substation control/ Back Up Power / Relocated Site
Alternator : Site voltage 400V : 33kV
Supplying Uramin Namibia (Pty) Ltd – part of the French Nuclear giant Areva – with a 6MVA (4x synchronised units) temporary solution (11kV) for commissioning of their new desalination plant. Once Nampower was able to supply power to the desalination plant, 4.5MVA of the 6MVA was relocated to the Uranium mine where it was combined with additional generators into the mine’s 11.75 MVA diesel standby plant. SWT introduced 5 new generators and 4 new transformers and associated switchgear (open air) to complete the new 33kV standby plant. The system offers cogeneration with Nampower (automatic control of consumer substation) and is used during periods of high demand to export power to Nampower.
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Gastro Foods
Project Duration: January 2015 - May 2015
Value: ZAR 4 million / USD 290 000
Brief: MV switchgear control/Back Up
Alternator : Site voltage 400V : 11kV
SWT installed a 1.65MVA standby diesel generator, able to deliver 1320KW of power. The 12 cylinder Perkins engine is housed in a 40ft sound attenuated and weatherproof canopy. SWT engineers provided an 11kV Medium Voltage fully synchronised seamless power transfer solution allowing routine, non-disruptive testing and eliminating break before make plant return from generator power (following a power failure).
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Cape Town Film Studios
Project Duration: February 2010 - August 2010
Value: ZAR 3 million / USD 214 000
Brief: Back Up Power/MV switchgear control / Sound Sensitive
Alternator : Site voltage 400V : 11kV
A synchronised 2x 500kVA system with 11kV step-up into the site’s 11kV MV ring supply. The transfer system is once again a fully synchronised MV solution allowing seamless transfer between mains and generator power. The load can be transferred seamlessly to the generator plant prior to critical operations (mains supply are exposed overhead lines) and returned (again seamlessly) after completion by the plant supervisor.
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Cape Town Train Station
Project Duration: July 2009 - October 2010
Value: ZAR 7 million / USD 500 000
Brief: Cogeneration / Back Up Power
Alternator : Site voltage 400V : 400V (including 3.3kV step-up step-down transmission)
Providing a complete overhaul of Cape Town Station’s back-up electricity supply as part of the Cape Town Station upgrade prior to the FIFA 2010 Soccer world Cup. The installation set new standards in terms of synchronised power via step-up & step-down transformers and offering power cogeneration.
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Woodstock Exchange
Project Duration: November 2015 - February 2016
Value: ZAR 2 million / USD 145 000
Brief: Back Up Power / Energy Conscious
Alternator : Site voltage 400V : 400V direct
A 700kVA UK Perkins generator set, housed in a soundattenuated / weather proof canopy connected to the mainpower supply of the Woodstock Exchange building,including a 1250-Amp automatic changeover switch,providing a fully automated system.
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Burnstone Mine, Balfour
Mpumalanga (Southgold Exploration (PTY) LTD)
Superwatt initially supplied 2 X 1120 containerized generators based on the UK-built 4000 series Perkins engines which were synchronized to replace the existing 1.5MVA generator. Due to the rapidly expanding system a further 3MVA system was supplied by Superwatt and successfully synchronized into the initial installation. Superwatt was awarded the contract to supply an additional 6MVA system which was incorporated into the current solution by October 2009.
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Tintswalo Atlantic
Chapman’s Peak Drive
Superwatt supplied a super silent 125kVA Perkins generator to Tintswalo Lodges Group’s new Tintswalo Atlantic at the foot of Chapman’s Peak in Hout Bay. To meet the clients high standards at this exclusive five star Boutique lodge, Superwatt installed a unit which runs at less than 70db at a proximity of 1 meter
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Marine Research Centre
Global Aquaculture Solutions
Global Aquaculture Solution was awarded the tender to upgrade the brood stock facilities and install an emergency generator at the Research Aquarium, at Sea Point. Although the original requirement was for a UK Perkins, due to a time constraints ultimately the decision was made to purchase an OEM Caterpillar 375kVA ex stock which was modified to suit the tender requirements. This project is due for completion by April 2011.
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Betko Fresh Produce
An uninterrupted power supply was needed to safeguard the Betko cold store against any break in the cold chain since a single outage could result in the loss of the entire season’s export crop. Superwatt supplied its first two QST30 USA built Cummins (2x 1100kVA) to service the clients.
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BBC – 2010 SWC Temporary Studios
During the FIFA Soccer World Cup, held in South Africa in 2010, Superwatt was responsible for the complete power generation of the BBC’s temporary studios situated near the Cape Town Stadium.
To avoid any power disruption the BBC decided to run entirely on a UK Perkins 700kVA generator, supplied and maintained by Superwatt, during each of the 64 games played. The unit was fully synchronized to the grid and successfully operational throughout the tournament.
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Brandywine Valley Investment
Newcastle, KZN
Superwatt initially supplied a 550kVA OEM Cummins unit to Brandyvine Valley Investment’s Uitkomst Colliery outside Newcastle in Kwazulu Natal to power their below-ground mining operation. This unit was converted from a 400V to a 525V output (a mining industry requirement) by using a step-up transformer. The mine placed a further order for a second 400V 550kVA unit 9 months later to power their above-ground operations.
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ACVV – Huis Vergenoegd
The original requirement, for Huis Vergenoegd in Paarl, was a back up generator which could power critical circuits of the main distribution board. Although it was possible to separate the circuits this would result in a more involved, and higher costing, installation. Superwatt proposed installing a larger generator which was able to supply the whole of Huis Vergenoegd with back up power in the event of a power failure. This was ultimately a more comprehensive option at lower cost to the client.
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Adams & Adams
Hatfield, Pretoria
A generator was supplied to service the corporate head-office in Hatfield. Initially a 630kVA OEM Cummins unit was installed. This unit was subsequently upgraded to a UK-built Perkins 700kVA generator.
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Adept Internet Solutions
Adept Internet Solutions required an immediate installation of back up power, to which Superwatt supplied in the form of a rented OEM Caterpillar 275kVA.
This unit was supplied ex stock and will be available for purchase by Adept if they require.
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BHP Billiton, Hillside Plant
Richard’s Bay Superwatt supplied a custom-designed backup solution to BHP Billiton’s Hillside aluminium smelter plant in Richard’s Bay. The main supply of the system is a containerized 900kVA UK-built Perkins generator.
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