A ‘services’ container will be installed if bulk fuel and oil distribution systems with filtration are deployed on a site. A ‘full house’ services container (associated with sites where diesel is the only/prime source of energy) will be a twelve meter container equipped with the diesel skid and booster pumps; the oil pressurizing pumps and filters; a vane compressor with outdoor pressure vessel; and an auxiliary power generator to maintain the power plant’s on-site outlets (400V-3ph) during outages of the power plant. With the auxiliary generator active, all services remain available including battery trickle charging, compressed air, air conditioners, etc. etc. It will even be possible to use the diesel offloading pumps (if installed).

The services container will have a marshalling panel for interfacing with the master controller which oversee the pump control and filter alarm monitoring. All the various tank pressure transducers are also wired back to the marshalling panel for level readback to the master controller.