• Project Duration: July 2009 - December 2009
  • Value: ZAR 21 million / USD 1.5 million
  • Brief: Cogeneration /Substation control/ Back Up Power / Relocated Site
  • Alternator : Site voltage 400V : 33kV

Supplying Uramin Namibia (Pty) Ltd – part of the French Nuclear giant Areva – with a 6MVA (4x synchronised units) temporary solution (11kV) for commissioning of their new desalination plant. Once Nampower was able to supply power to the desalination plant, 4.5MVA of the 6MVA was relocated to the Uranium mine where it was combined with additional generators into the mine’s 11.75 MVA diesel standby plant. SWT introduced 5 new generators and 4 new transformers and associated switchgear (open air) to complete the new 33kV standby plant. The system offers cogeneration with Nampower (automatic control of consumer substation) and is used during periods of high demand to export power to Nampower.

Areva Resources & Uramin Namibia, Trekkopje Desalination Project

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